How I Spent My Day

After my friend came by and dropped off things to be stowed in the basement temporarily, I grabbed a tarp and went down the street to a nice big tree that has been dropping leaves like mad. A guy who was raking nearby gave me his leaves (and an incredulous stare), so I dumped two tarploads in one of the compost bins. Tomorrow, a couple more.


I also worked on digging out for the shed foundation. See, I wasn't quite thinking about level when I dug initially, so it was on a slant of a couple of inches. So now I'm digging down to a level. Someday I will finish this digging.

Shed digging

When digging palled, I took the flat spade out front and chopped at dead Bermuda grass on the sidewalk. The neighbor across the street and I have been plotting and planning some sidewalk rejuvenation, and this is step one. But boy, is it hard work.

Sidewalk cleanup

And finally, I took this picture so I can work on building up the pathway along the side of the house, adding dirt and sloping it so it will drain into the catchment basin when the ground saturates. Last winter we used those two boards as a sort of bridge, and they've stayed there ever since. This winter I'd like the path to naturally stay above water.

Side pathway

A decent day of work, all things considered.

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posted by ayse on 10/21/06