In Which Life Gets the Better of Us

We've been very busy, but not with work on our own house. Such is life. Besides, it's so dark when we get home now that there's not much that we can do within reason. At any rate, today I hacked away at the dead Bermuda grass out front, which was not nearly fun at all, although when the grass is dead it is much easier than when the grass is alive.

Here's how it looked after a few hours of that sort of fun and games:

Clearing out dead Bermuda grass

I haven't raked up the debris, because after all that work hacking it away my arms are not talking to me.

This was my favourite part of the hacking. You know, I cannot wait to get the water tank installed in the back so we can finally get rid of this swampland. This is where the sump dumps to the street, and it has never, ever not leaked like this. I would plant bog plants there except that circumstances will change dramatically when we get the water tank and stop dumping water all the time.

Clearing Bermuda from the drain to the street

Oh, and it's getting to be winter, which means the California natives are coming up like mad! Here's some Nemophila maculata, or "Five Spot" coming up in the natives bed.

Nemophila maculata

In other household news, Noel has spent the day repairing the broken legs on the harpsichord that has been lurking behind the couch for a couple of years. This is because he's all excited because some friends are giving us a six-foot grand piano (that needs some work and refinishing, but nothing we can't handle between the two of us).


We rearranged the couch to go in front of our current piano (a small upright) and that made it clear that fixing up the harpsichord was not so difficult. The three legs have little wooden blocks that help them get a nice firm grip on the body, and those blocks had broken or cracked and needed replacing.

Fixing the legs

Now if only the ground would dry out enough for us to get back to the shed work, we'd be able to move the bikes and other stuff out of the front parlour and finish the plastering there, and there would actually be a place for all these instruments.

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posted by ayse on 11/12/06