How We Take a Day Off

Yeah, I know I said we'd take a day off today, but this afternoon we got to messing around with the forms and soon they popped off, and then we had an intense discussion of how the shed would attach to the foundation, and soon we were taking the pieces out of their boxes and starting to put the modules together. Anyway.

Here's our little paw-print stamp on the concrete. The dogs enjoyed walking in the concrete, but did not care for being held in place and having a paw-print taken.

Dog paw prints

With the forms pulled off. In theory, this concrete mix can be walked on in 24 hours, which was technically true, although the surface was still a little soft.

(Check out that pile of empty sacks!)

Formwork stripped

We went around and filled in soil to about two inches below the surface. In the back, the soil was much higher than the slab, so we dug it down and spread that around the lower sides.

Soil added

Here's Noel, assembling parts of the base of the shed. Off behind the camera, I sorted the parts out by number (they are stamped, which is much nicer than your average kit or, say, the concrete mixer).

Prefab metal buildings are usually constructed by putting together a series of modules and then assembling the whole thing. When you get to the assembly part, you need to get it done in one go, because it's got no structural capacity until it is finished. But you can pre-assemble the modules to make the final assembly go faster.

It's pretty easy to follow the instructions, and the pieces are decently well-made, so the plan is for Noel to work on assembling the various parts this week, then we'll erect the shed together on Friday, when we both have the day off, so we can move things into it next weekend.

Shed assembly begins

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posted by ayse on 12/03/06