How to Cure a Hangover

Noel's answer: heavy labour.

We stayed home sick today, Noel because he was hung over from the weekend work, and me because I was, like, actually sick. At some point in the afternoon, as the cold medicine wore off, I came downstairs and found Noel outside assembling the shed. He'd gotten some kind of bug in his rug about putting it together today, and there you have it.

And actually, it was a good day for shed assembly. The weather was sunny and clear, and there was no wind (which is unusual given our location on the bay).

I helped a little bit, mostly holding the panels in place while Noel screwed them together.

Corners in place

When I had to leave to go to my evening class, the sun had set and the walls were essentially in place.

Side wall

I came home to find the shed mostly done, and together we finished the roof trim and put the doors on. I'd show a photo but it was, you know, really dark out. Now we can put the yard tools and stuff in there. I guess I'm out of excuses for not working on the front parlour drywall.

edited to add: And here it is in the morning light.

The Shed

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posted by ayse on 12/04/06