What I Do for My Garden

I've converted the bathroom in my little apartment at school into a seed-starting greenhouse. Mainly because I didn't want to start seeds without being able to check on them regularly, and also because it has this skylight that makes it almost unbearably hot, which seeds seem to get a kick out of.

It's not too much trouble to move all the plants out of the shower so I can wash, then back in so they can enjoy the humidity, although it is getting tiresome to move the flat that is on the toilet off and on as needed.

What has not entirely sunk in is the size of the operation I'm dealing with here:

Seed flats in the tub

Mostly I'm keeping the pots and flats in the tub. Behind me in this photo are some more pots and another flat. Not visible is the pile of seed packets in the kitchen.

As the seedlings get big enough, I repot them into 4" pots, which is where my strong ability for denial comes in: there are 50 Jiffy pellets in that flat (or there were until I potted up three of the Hyacinth beans). There are 25 in the flat you can't see. Where, exactly, am I planning to put all these plants?

Fortunately, the weather is warming up quickly, and many of those Jiffy pellets can be planted right into the garden when they're large enough. Otherwise I would be in some real trouble.

Oh, and the things being started: nine kinds of tomato (though the Persimmons didn't come up so I have to restart), four kinds of basil, some roses, some gourds, leeks, three kinds of peppers (to be planted in SLO rather than Alameda, for peak heat), a native tree (Cercis occidentalis), an Australian tree, several bedding flowers, and Hyacinth beans vines.

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posted by ayse on 03/12/07


Can I ask a couple of questions here?
Why is the little room on the upper floor of your home called the accordian room? What was "the Fright Box" -I love your site by the way

The accordion room is called the accordion room because when we first moved into the house, we used it as a place for Noel to store and work on accordions (he had several that he was taking apart to make a few good accordions). After that, the room became my studio, then a storage room, and now the cats have it for their box and food, but the name sticks around.

The Fright Box is a downright terrifying concoction of the previous owners. There was a large lead pipe coming down from the second floor into the basement. In the basement it joined a clay pipe and went out to the sewer lateral. A couple of other pipes of varying materials also joined the clay pipe around that point.

As best we can figure, this mess started leaking, and instead of dealing with it the right way (take it all apart and rebuild it), somebody had the bright idea of pouring a big block of concrete around it. Once that was done, there was no way for us to touch any of the mess without replacing it all.

Glad you're enjoying the site!

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