Guess What I'm Doing

I'm sitting on my front step, blogging while a photographer from the San Francisco Chronicle takes photos of me. :)

International super star

So here's the deal: a couple of weeks ago Anh-Minh Le talked to us about the blog for a piece she's writing on house blogs for the Chronicle. We offered to have a photographer come by to illustrate the piece, and shortly thereafter the Chronicle called to set it up.

So we spent this morning messing around, pretending to work on projects, trying to get the dogs to cooperate with some interesting shots. John even got in on the action, for his own few minutes of fame.

Photographing John's room

The article is supposed to come out on April 21.

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posted by ayse on 03/26/07


Now how totally cool is THAT!?!? I can't wait to see the article!!! WOOOT!

Leslie said it best! Congrats!

Thanks, guys! I'm not really totally comfortable with the whole thing, but I'll get over it. The funny thing was just how much more exciting he wanted our life to be than it really is.


Having any existential crises lately? You can now rest easy – because if you read about your life in the newspaper, it must be true.

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