In Bloom in the Garden

Jim, you're going to want to skip this post.

I took a little walk around the garden recording plants in bloom right now. There's quite a lot, so I've actually left several off this list, but there are some terrific developments.

Here we have the view to the back garden, where you can see that the trees are kind of filling in and the landscaping is starting to mature. I stuck ranunculus corms all over the place this fall, and they're filling in with a lot of nice solid pink. Also, we haven't mowed the side yard lately.

Garden index shot

Over by the rainwater catchment, we have this little Campanula, purchased from the bargain bin, planted out and going strong. I don't know what it is, specifically, but it seems happy here.


Here's a nectarine in bloom. Most of the trees are blooming white or very pale pink, so the deep colour of the blooms on the nectarines and peaches is a nice break.

Nectarine blossoms

In the Fern Walk, my Dicentra is going nuts. It's spreading like mad and blooming, and has been for weeks.


Here's 'The Fairy' rose, all nice and leafy and starting to bloom. I moved this little guy over to the entrance to the Fern Walk to give it some more room.

The Fairy rose

Under the roses out front, we have a bunch of violas of randomness. I think the combination of roses and violas works really well.


California native Nemophila menziesii 'Pennie Black' is going strong in the natives bed.

Pennie Black

Back in the back yard, we have Tulipa turkestanica, a little too orangey, but very pretty nonetheless. Orange is one of the few colours I really don't care much for in the garden.

Tulipa turkestanica

And here are my tulips with a wasting disease. I'm getting used to them, but they are kind of ugly.

Ugly tulips

Anemone, doing nicely this year although the foliage colour bothers me; they got a nice pile of compost a couple weeks ago, but I really should check the soil and make sure there's nothing weird there.


My strawberries are covered in blooms and fruit. Maybe they want some water? These damned plants are not supposed to go crazy until I get my irrigation working.


One of my little happy moments: finding out that the apples are blooming. I'd been warned it might take them three years from planting to start blooming, and we'll see how setting fruit goes, but this is exciting.

Apple blossoms

The quince is covered in blossoms. We are going to have a lot of quince this year. Noel is already preparing to make quince paste. Also blooming are the Asian pears (white, boring), the sweet cherries (white, boring), and the blueberries (pink, mostly faded by now). I'm also letting the citrus trees set fruit, so every fruit tree we planted is in bloom this year, and we may have fruit this summer.

Quince blossoms

The Mme. Alfred rose is covered in buds and has a few of these peachy-pink blooms on it. I meant to move her to the back of the yard this winter and didn't get around to it, so now she's just sort of flopping everywhere. We'll live.

Mme. Alfred Carriere

And last but not least, the freesias continue to be delightful. I should really spread them out, though; the giant bolus of freesias is a bit much.


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posted by ayse on 03/26/07