All the Stuff Noel Did

Noel was very busy this weekend. He spent a long time on Saturday getting the first floor wired with network jacks (because we are huge geeks). I'm sure most people don't think of having wired network jacks in every room as a requirement, but that's how we're living these days.

He is very pink in this photo because the sun was reflecting off the woodwork.

Wiring network jacks

Here's the array of hardware thingies all over the dining room floor.

Wiring bits and bobs all over the floor

Then today I came outside and he was attacking the trumpet vine growing over the fence with extreme prejudice. And after he did that, the guy who lives on the other side told him he could cut it to the ground if he liked, because it's full of spiders (little does he realize everything is full of spiders here). We were happy about that because it's where the possum likes to hang out and tease the dogs, which gets old fast.

Merciless hacking on the trumpet vine

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posted by ayse on 04/08/07