Casa Decrepit in the News

Just to put our incredible internet fame in perspective, I decided to make a list of all the newspaper stories that mention us (or at least the ones I can find relatively easily). There are three. THREE, people. And we haven't even been on TV or anything. We are definitely not in the Dooce category of most famousest bloggers. I mean, we paid for two foundation replacements in one year, and did we even get our own verb? No. Not even a measly adjective.

So don't worry about all this fame going to our heads. You can count on us to be a sort of insider's choice for the finest in house blogging and talking too much about plants, free from the blogging mainstream.

For the curious, here are those three articles (the NYT article is behind a paywall):

Now I must leave you to go back to reading about organizational theory and neural models for architecture, which I will spare you (this is the joy of writing a thesis).

edited to add:

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posted by ayse on 04/17/07