More Fruit

There's baby fruit on almost all the trees. Some varieties didn't fruit this year but every grouping has at least one tree with babies on it. The Asian pears are having a minor fruit drop right now, but it looks like they're going to produce at least a small crop this year.

The sweet cherries seem to be confined to just the Black Tartarian tree. That's fine with me because every summer I buy cherries at the farmer's market and stuff myself to the point of illness, and frankly it would be nice if I didn't have to avoid temptation in the back yard, too.

Black Tartarian cherries

The sour cherry, Montmorency, has a few cherries on it. Maybe not enough for a pie, but we'll see. I can always supplement the homegrown with some more from the market.

Goldie generously offered to be a backdrop (ie, refused to move out of the shot).

Montmorency cherries

And apples! I was not expecting any apples for another couple of years, so this is a pleasant surprise. It looks like most of the apple trees flowered but are not going to fruit this year, so the crop will be limited. The garden in SLO has an out-of-control Gala tree that makes up for shortfalls here.


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posted by ayse on 04/29/07