I got a little derailed yesterday because I lost my little pokey tool for installing sprinklers on the tubing. I spent the whole day looking for it before finally giving in today and going to buy a new one. (Edited to add: Yes, it was a 40-cent plastic jobby. What can I say; the New England blood runs thick and strong.)

The actual installation of the sprinklers went pretty fast. Poke a hole, stick the little connector in the hole, attach 1/4" tubing, run to desired location of sprinkler, cut, attach sprinkler. It's kind of tinker-toy.

Here we have a functioning sprinkler under the nectarines and peaches. Yes, I am very behind on my weeding. I've had moments this week when I lost track of the sprinkler installation because I became moderately obsessed with pulling weeds.

Sprinkler under the nectarines

I ended up installing micro-drip line around the tomatoes. This is 1/4" tubing just like a soaker hose. I did install it in a somewhat silly way: I didn't have the right connectors, so I installed it as if it were the 1/4" tubing for the sprinkler, and just turned the sprinkler off (being able to turn off is a nice feature of these "Shrubbler" things).

Drip line around the tomatoes

I even ran line out from the East wall to the tomatoes next to the shed. So out of the twelve or so total circuits, I have seven complete.

Tomatoes by the shed have drippers, too

In other news, meet Ted. Ted is staying with us for a few days because his people just (like, half an hour ago) had a new baby. He usually lives around the corner, and he is deeply in love with Rosie. He enjoys digging, so having him in the garden is going to be lots and lots of fun.


And this is what 250 lbs of dog looks like practising their sit-stays. Thank goodness for basic obedience.

Three dogs

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posted by ayse on 06/20/07