Official Summer Plants

Today is the first day of summer, and also our fourth anniversary. That's the plant anniversary, right? So, some of what's alive and kicking in the garden:

Here's Salvia clevelandii 'Pozo Blue' by the gate. 'Pozo Blue' is a slightly nicer variety than the standard Salvia clevelandii (there's one of those up in the natives bed).

Salvia clevelandii Pozo Blue

The dwarf rush is coming back. This one got hit hard by the frost this winter, and for a while it seemed like it might not make it.

Dwarf rush

And the miracle of irrigation appeared in only 24 hours: apparently daylilies actually like getting a little water. Imagine that.

Daylily bloom

Over near the quince, we have a volunteer poppy (looks like 'Lauren's Grape').

poppy volunteer

Under the quince the Campanula incurva is blooming. This is a biennial, so it takes a few years to bloom then pretty much immediately dies. But it's totally worth it.

Campanula incurva

My ornamental oreganos are doing nicely. This one has sent a root down through the bottom of the pot, and I'm trying to think of a decent place to plant them all that will show off the bracts.

Origanum libanoticum

This oregano, 'Kent Beauty,' is recovering from a nasty infestation with spurge from this winter. Also, um, somebody might have accidentally weeded out half the oregano with the spurge, but I couldn't say who that was.

Oregano Kent Beauty

Here's a hebe:


It is growing sideways. See the tag? That's where the stem meets the ground. It's a bit confusing, but I'll just see what happens.

Under the cherries I planted this odd little Nigella. Last year, the Nigella all bloomed in late summer, mysteriously. This year they're more on time. I like how the seed heads look on this one.


Also in bloom: tomatoes! These are 'Roma.'

Tomato blossoms

And last (of the pictures, at least), we have Wahlenbergia sp., which is annexing nearby beds. Note the Allium schubertii it has enveloped. Also in there somewhere is a salvia. The bees like it a lot. It's pretty. But wow.


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posted by ayse on 06/21/07