Today I set out to do the manifold in the basement. Of course, I failed to take into account my ability to misplan, and when I got everything together I was short two valves and had no 1" PVC to work with, so it was not quite as smooth as I would have liked.

Here's the connection to the outside manifold coming through the wall; we put that in last summer with the rest of the system.

Pipe connection

And here's what I was able to assemble: three connections. I capped the other stubs for later, and came upstairs to order more valves.

Assembled manifold

I have a total of six circuits for the basement manifold: the rose garden, the front plantings, two circuits for the Fern Walk, the side yard, and the plantings along the driveway. That means four empty stubs for future expansion of my irrigation empire. Maybe for watering containers or filling dog bowls or that sort of thing.

For tomorrow, we need a billion feet of PVC in varying sizes (1" for finishing the manifold, 3/4" for the main lines, and 1/2" for the final runs to the outlets). And somehow we have to figure out how to get all that into one of our small cars.

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posted by ayse on 06/22/07