Resources and Tedium

Just a quick note to point out a new page we've made: Renovation Resources. There's a link in the sidebar, as well. This page is a list of contractors and vendors we've used who we've particularly liked. We get a lot of e-mail asking for contractor names, so I hope this page is useful. We'll keep it updated as we go.

I'm in the middle of a major project on the seed-collecting front right now, some of which you can see here:

Drying seed pods

I've collected a bunch of seed pods around the garden, and now I'm carefully removing the seeds and getting rid of as much of the additional garbage in there as possible. This is tedious beyond belief, mostly because I decided a set of nice sieves for sifting seeds (say THAT ten times fast) was outside my budget right now. But when it's done I should have a huge pile of seeds to start, give away, and trade.

Now I just need about 10 more hours in the day so I can actually take advantage of that.

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posted by ayse on 07/10/07