Attack of the Killer Tomato (Plants)

So, um, the tomatoes are kind of out of control large. This is probably because I have no idea how to prune them, so I didn't. Here are two of the buishes. With Rosie for scale:

Eight foot tall tomatoes

So with all that foliage, are there are actual tomatoes?

Indeedy, there are:

Costoluto Genevese

Lots and lots. Ready to ripen sometime in the next two weeks. Or as soon as Noel and I take off on our nice big vacation to lie on the beach in Maine (or, well, to huddle shivering on a beach in Maine, at least).

Green Zebra

In other produce news, I think the quince may be getting a touch heavy for that tree.

Weeping quince

The climbing rose on the trellis out front is feeling very exuberant right now, and needs some summer pruning and tying down, I think. It has several branches reaching out onto the street to attack passers-by. As you can see the lavender is also growing out over the pathway. Things are a touch overgrown out front because I've been so busy with non-house stuff.

Out of control roses

In fact, I was just walking by this white lupine thinking it was about time to prune it way back when I noticed that it's covered in giant whitefly, aphids, and god knows what else. Good timing on the major infestation, lupine.

Lupine with bugs

Last of all, I give you this new flower on one of the hydrageas, who are very happy about getting regular water for the first time ever. This is 'Ayesha,' a variety I always misspell because it is a variant spelling of my own name. Nice flowers, too.

Hydrangea Ayesha

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posted by ayse on 08/09/07