Attack of the Killer Tomato (Plants)

So, um, the tomatoes are kind of out of control large. This is probably because I have no idea how to prune them, so I didn't. Here are two of the buishes. With Rosie for scale:

Eight foot tall tomatoes

So with all that foliage, are there are actual tomatoes?

Indeedy, there are:

Costoluto Genevese

Lots and lots. Ready to ripen sometime in the next two weeks. Or as soon as Noel and I take off on our nice big vacation to lie on the beach in Maine (or, well, to huddle shivering on a beach in Maine, at least).

Green Zebra

In other produce news, I think the quince may be getting a touch heavy for that tree.

Weeping quince

The climbing rose on the trellis out front is feeling very exuberant right now, and needs some summer pruning and tying down, I think. It has several branches reaching out onto the street to attack passers-by. As you can see the lavender is also growing out over the pathway. Things are a touch overgrown out front because I've been so busy with non-house stuff.

Out of control roses

In fact, I was just walking by this white lupine thinking it was about time to prune it way back when I noticed that it's covered in giant whitefly, aphids, and god knows what else. Good timing on the major infestation, lupine.

Lupine with bugs

Last of all, I give you this new flower on one of the hydrageas, who are very happy about getting regular water for the first time ever. This is 'Ayesha,' a variety I always misspell because it is a variant spelling of my own name. Nice flowers, too.

Hydrangea Ayesha

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posted by ayse on 08/09/07


I planted 3 lupines last year and they too also got a HIDEOUS aphid infection this year. I haven't ever seen one that bad except on a nasturtium several years ago. I hose the poor things off every few days.
On the plus side, the roses (just a few feet away) are suprisingly aphid-free this summer; normally they get quite infested. I think the lupine might be working as a trap for the aphids. I've heard of others planting nasturtiums for that very reason. I think the lupines might actually be contributing to the health of the roses.

it's all about the fried green tomatoes :D
Everything looks gorgeous!

I think the lupines have aphids because I killed the sweet peas this year (I forgot they might want water every now and then). AND our neighbor's nasturtium got sprayed by an over-enthusiastic plantsitter (theirs, not ours, thank goodness). Nowhere else for the neighborhood aphid population to go, I guess.

And as for fried green tomatoes, I still prefer them fresh and ripe. :) Fortunately, we also have plenty of volunteers to clear out the ripe ones while we're away.

I had to ***really*** look for Rosie: there she is! Wow, those are some livin' large tomatoes. Impressive. Isn't it funny how we work to get things to grow and then they do and we have to cut them back? Yeah, yeah, try to find some justification in that.

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