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Heck of a shaker

That was just a 5.6 earthquake about 40 miles from here. And while we definitely felt it, nothing even fell off the bookshelves. A precariously perched architectural model didn't even budge. In the meantime, sirens are going off all over.

There are many things that are sources of stress and anger in the whole foundation saga, but the end result is not one of them.

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posted by ayse on 10/30/07


Thanks for calling. I felt very loved. I was looking at an alligator while standing on the Hayward fault. I felt nothing, but everyone else did. I think I was just too interested in admiring those long toenails. (They have such girly toenails.)

Glad the house held up well.

Whew! Glad all's well. Called the boyfriend in Alameda, who was in the car during the quake and didn't notice a thing. Nothing out of place at home, either.

I wonder how the Neumanskys fared?

On the plus side, it's not like Chez Neumansky can get much worse. But maybe I should walk down the street and make sure they haven't been buried under their Halloween decorations.

From the reactions I've been hearing/seeing tonight, it seems like somehow, this 5.6 quake was not all that. Amazing.

Also, I never knew that alligators had girly toenails.

So glad that all of that hard work on the foundation paid off! And that you are all okay.

Glad to hear that all is well at the Casa. Heard about the quake and wondered how far it was from you. It's so good to know all is fine with you. Happy Halloween!

Hey Ayse we over at Chez Neumansky are okay. Annnnnd we won an honorable mention (best ghost) in the Alameda Halloween decorating comp.
We've picked a foundation contractor and are now hammering out the details of the contract I came over here to double check with your reccomendations...

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