I'm Going to Need a Machete

I just got back from defending my thesis last night, and this afternoon I took a walk around the garden to see what needed attention most urgently now that I have what seems like infinite time for house stuff. And of course, the whole thing is overgrown. The Fern Walk is the worst: the weeds are so tall you can't see most of the plants. Definitely a few solid days of weeding are in order.

The tomatoes in the back patch are ready to be cut down: they're flowering like crazy but not setting fruit because it's too cold, and the fruit on them is not ripening any more. (The tomatoes are the in the top left of this photo.) And the nectarine trees are shedding their leaves all over the strawberries, so I should go out there tomorrow and rake them up.

Expansive garden view

As you can see, a month or so of dampness and no major garden traffic and we get grass everywhere. Also, Goldie dug a nice little hole in the middle of the drainage basin, the little jerk.

But the strangest thing is that the garden has become convinced that it is spring, and the roses are all blooming again. See:

Roses blooming

Which gives us these strange moments with ripening rose hips and new pink bunds on the same plant.

Rose hip and rose bud

I'd been planning to prune back and move this Mme. Alfred, and as if to tell me she is not interested in a new home, she goes and covers herself with buds.

Mme Alfred confused about the season

But that's too bad, because I'm working on planting out the back of the yard, and a couple of the larger and thornier roses are going back there to discourage the neighborhood kids from climbing the fence. The dogs already keep them out most of the time, but there's nothing like landing in a rose once to keep you from ever trying that trick again.

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posted by ayse on 11/19/07



I love what you're doing with the house!

Keep on rockin'! lol!

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Congrats on getting past the thesis defense!

Heh, my roses do the same thing, they'll bloom through the whole fall and winter if we never get a hard frost. I keep urging them to go dormant so they can store up some energy, but they don't seem to listen to me.

Last year they actually did go dormant. Perhaps that was in part because I trimmed the heck out of them.

Well, if they want to play this game, fine. They're all getting a heavy pruning in December as usual whether they're looking cute or not.

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