Another Epic Project

So, two years ago we added a cat flap to the accordion room, and it became, basically, the cat room. We also use it for some odd storage (and I do mean odd): Noel keeps his accordions and some other music stuff there, and I have a rack of plaster molds, a pile of art supplies, and a bookcase full of art supplies there.

This is the room as it is today:

Cat Room

Anyway, we've decided we want this room back from the cats. We like them, and all, for all their crankiness (they are in their mid-late teens), but we want our room for our own use. So over the next few weeks we will be moving the cat room to another corner of the house, and fixing up this room (primarily making it less pink) to use as a TV room and small guest room.

Where do the poor, displaced kitties go? The New Cat Room, aka the attic:


Last night we cleared out the space by the doorway, and today I spent some quality time attaching chicken wire to the posts to make a small cat corral by the door, mainly to keep them from getting curious and falling into the dropped ceiling over the dining room, which would mean massive demolition to rescue them. Then we'll be putting down some plastic floor protector, and Noel will move the cat flap to the attic door.

(Other than starting this project, we've mostly been moving stuff from room to room, which is fun and almost makes a difference, but is not so exciting in photos. But in a few days I will be permanently moved home, and the real fun can get going again.)

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posted by ayse on 12/05/07