Graduation Present

My classmates got presents like a new truck, a nice hardcover copy of Graphic Standards (I admit, I already have one of those), and jewelry. But me? For graduation, I got a 550-gallon water tank. And the best part is that it has graduations on the outside, so it is a graduated graduation tank.

This weekend I graduated from Cal Poly, and on Monday Noel and I packed a truck full of stuff and brought it back to pile around the house, because piles of stuff are where it's at. We also brought back this baby:

Big water tank

Actually, when we were making plans to move my things out of the apartment in San Luis Obispo, and we noted that there would be extra room in the truck. Shipping a tank this size would have cost as much as the tank itself, if not more, so it made sense to buy the tank on the way home, stuffing it in the truck. We'll need to dig out and level a place for this to sit, then we can hook it up to the sump. And now I need to find my pump calculations and do some shopping.

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posted by ayse on 12/11/07