And Now for More Scraping

Yesterday we got to work with the wallpaper paste dissolver and scrapers, and by the time I quit work around 1am, this was where we'd gotten. And that with a sizable break in the middle of the day for a dog play date and for Noel to take off for a gig.

Wallpaper down

Today, Noel is cutting up the paneling to go in the trash, then we begin sponging and scraping the wallpaper paste, while Noel handles the stuff too high for me to reach. We're going to take down the wallpaper above the picture rail, but I just can't reach that high on the small ladder.

Once the walls are clean, I will start repairing the loose plaster as best I can. This room is particularly bad: several parts of the wall are terribly spongy and others are noticeably sagging. I'm hoping a couple whole sections of plaster don't just fall out on me before I can secure them.

The plaster needs a day or so to dry out, then I can prime and paint.

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posted by ayse on 12/16/07