Four More Apples

It's probably a good thing we have limited space in the back, because I'm getting really into planting these bare-root trees. And we really don't need to be awash in fruit for the entire summer and fall.

The UPS man brought a box of trees today, so I took a few minutes to plant them this afternoon. We have the bundle of trees (Cox's Orange Pippin, Spitzenburg, Pink Surprise, and Summer Rambo):

Bundled apple trees

And the requisite pile of compost to plant them in:

Wheelbarrow of compost

And that went nice and fast.

Nice new planting

Now back to the plaster.

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posted by ayse on 01/15/08


That choice of trees makes you guys prime candidates for joining CA Rare Fruit Gardeners! We just had our Scion Exchange last Saturday. I haven't grafted mine yet. And I just got my bareroot trees delivered today. I wonder what I was thinking when I ordered because I have NO idea where I'll have room for them.

I read about your blog in Alameda Magazine (conveniently found at my doctor's office). I live in southwest Berkeley Victorian that we renovated as much as we had money to do... I think I know Noel from a previous job. If it's the same Noel. I look forward to reading all the previous blog posts. I ESPECIALLY look forward to "Crimes Against Victorians". If it's what I think it will be, I've been meaning to do something like that myself. So many stucco'd Victorians, so much tin siding...

I would have gone to the San Francisco scion exchange, but we were already planning to go to the Sebastopol exchange this weekend because some friends of ours are members up there. We're actually pretty close to our limit on fruit trees now, because I'm about to get into berries in a big way.

And I know well that feeling: I bought this plant, and now I need to figure out where to put it or it will DIE. Usually not so much with trees, but I have a feeling that I am going to come home from Sebastopol with way too many figs.

So funny that you found us via the Alameda Magazine. I wondered how many people would come here because of that article.

Enjoy the blog!

PS - Yes, you do know Noel. :)

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