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With the season for baby chicks coming upon us quickly, it was time for me to revisit the plan for the chicken shed and see how that works for us now. And really, the thing we need more than anything in the yard is a permanent storage shed to hold things like the lawnmowers we keep accumulating (every time a neighbor moves out, we seem to get their lawnmower) and so forth. While that stuff is in the big shed right now, the big shed will eventually go away and be replaced by a greenhouse, so I don't want to get too dependent on it.

Most of the construction details and layout stuff with the original chicken house plan still work, but I want to try to stick a small shed on the back of it. I figured I could just double the footprint (from 4'x 8' to 8'x 8') without too much trouble, and the chickens sure as heck won't need as much space as I originally designed, so their quarters simply become a little smaller, and then we have a nicely sized 5'x 8' shed for the garden.

A much bigger shed needs to get a lot cuter, because it's suddenly a design element in the landscape. So things like little windows, window boxes of flowers, and maybe a more decorative fence are more important. I haven't worked out how I want all that to look. Here's my gestural drawing showing the rough shape and layout:

View of the exterior

And a section to show how the space is divided:

Section of chicken shed

I've still got a lot of work on designing some of the more fiddly details, and especially thinking about how I'm going to keep the inevitable gasoline smells from the lawn mowers from getting to the birds. I'm also trying to figure out how I want a completely covered run to work with the chicken house. And all this to be worked out in the next two weeks, so we can get cracking on the actual construction (which will probably go hand-in-hand with replacing the back fence).

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posted by ayse on 01/22/08


Looks like a great way to get the most use out of it. I like the idea of planter boxes too, that would really make it looks like a little house.

Very nice! Do you have to pull permits for that, too?

I need to work on the roof and trim details a little to make it look a little more house-y, but I think it will be pretty nice eventually. Also, it will kind of be behind a big tree eventually. Although it will be years before that big tree does much concealing.

Kitt, no need to pull permits for non-attached sheds under 120 sqft, so no permit needed (this limit was actually how we chose the size of the greenhouse). At least, I must note, not in Alameda.

Fully covered chicken run? As in, chicken always with a roof? If I understand this properly, why? (just curious!) I can't convince my partner that we need a chicken... sigh. I'll have to live my chickenkeeper lifestyle vicariously through others.

The roofed run is because chickens are understory birds, and like to be in the shade rather than direct sunlight. I guess most people don't build roofs because it's expensive to be doing so, but it seems nice to give them an environment they like.

Also, I was reading a bit about chicken, um, entertainment, and they seem to like hopping about on branches. With a roof, I can make a sort of chicken playset of branches all the way up without worrying about losing them or letting in pests (rats and possum).

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