Buds of Springtime

I've been keeping track of flowers in bloom in the garden on the first and middle days of every month since December, and it looks like March is going to be a winner of a month. On my regular walk-around of the garden, everything was all buddy-buddy.

We have Allium schubertii, which is really a spectacular plant. I gathered a bunch of seed from this last year and I really should plant it all over the garden, because it's very architectural. (Note snail damage. I am looking forward to having a flock of assault chickens.)

Allium schubertii

The nectarines are about ready to start blooming, I think. I pruned these guys heavily this year, in an effort to give the peaches who share their rootzone a break. Also, last year we had a heck of a lot of nectarines, not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Nectarine bud

The quince, which is an awesome tree even if it gives ridiculous amounts of fruit that no small household could manage to eat in one year.

Quince bud

Cercis occidentalis (Western redbud), which is still very teeny and is in danger of being drowned in a sea of grass. Grass and California natives rarely mix well. My task this week is to remove the grass around it and lay down some cardboard to keep a plant-free zone around this baby. Cercis occidentalis is easily one of my favourite trees ever. (Unlike Eastern redbuds, this tree stays fairly small and delicate.)

Cercis occidentalis

The inimitable Cobweb thistle, which you would hardly believe is endangered in its native habitat (the California coast) given how it is thriving in my yard. I planted one of these two years ago and it seeded itself up and down the block, much to the neighbors' chagrin. I love it.

Cobweb thistle

Magnolia 'Jon-Jon' is looking to be ready to put on a great display this year. This tree is still struggling after the stresses of being containerized for a year during the foundation fiasco. It died off entirely on top, and I'm hoping it will manage to work its way up to a decent height, or I will have to replace it (it is right in the center of the front garden where I want a tallish small tree).

Magnolia Jon-Jon

And the struggling Harry lauder's Walking Stick, which is largely dead branches with a few of these. I think that when the watering system malfunctioned last year it went through a lot of stress; it got invaded by a tenting caterpillar of some sort and lost all its leaves. I'm actually not entirely sure it likes this particular microclimate, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't like our soil, more's the pity. But I will nurse it along and see how it goes.

Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

Even more exciting, in my rooting bed in the kitchen window the 'Blanquette' fig is starting to make a leaf. The other three figs aren't showing any signs of life, but I have patience.

Blanquette fig cutting

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posted by ayse on 02/26/08