Endless Seas of Green

I could whine a whole lot about how many weeds there are to pull this year, but I will not, because we've been having unusually warm weather lately and that has put me in a very good mood to go outside and do a pile of weeding every day.

Here's my work in the Fern Walk, this being about fourteen bucketloads of weeds carried back to the compost. I haven't weeded the path (I'm thinking of just hoeing that into submission), so it is a little river of green through there now. I did find a whole bunch of plants I thought had died alive under the grass.

Fern Walk weeding work

If that doesn't look so great, I give you this reference shot of the Fern Walk from the other direction. There were a LOT of weeds in there. There still are, but I'm working on it.

Also, since the neighbors in the green house were nice enough to let me landscape the whole width between our houses, I make sure to keep the soil and weeds away from their siding, so that has required a bit of extra attention this time.

I really need to just buy more plants to fill in there so the grass doesn't get a chance to come back so strongly.

Also, February didn't let us down: here's the first flower on the nectarines.

Nectarine flower

Can the first strawberries be far behind?

Strawberry blossoms

(Actually, that photo's a cheat because the strawberries have been blooming (but not setting fruit) all winter.)

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posted by ayse on 02/28/08