Just a Little Hole in the Wall

The sanding of the woodwork continues, slowly, with much procrastination. Yesterday Noel put some epoxy filler in some of the wood holes to see how well it worked. He also unveiled this:

Hole in the wall

It looks kind of like a large mousehole. I really don't want to speculate too much about what it might be. Somebody tried to repair it: you can see the nails around the edges: that's where they had nailed up a piece of asphalt shingle to cover the hole. That should be fun to fix.

There's a bit more plaster repair around the edges of the woodwork, a bit more epoxy work, we need to renail a piece of molding to the wall, and there's a tiny bit of paint stripping to work on, too. Then we can paint, and then we can address the floors (note two layers of flooring in this photo).

We're making a big push to get this room done so we can get the stuff that goes in there out of the middle of the upstairs hall at long last.

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posted by ayse on 03/02/08


That is quite the hole! Good luck with the filling. Is there an old piece of trim you can cannibalize to make a filler peice?

We don't have any other pieces of trim around that are safe to cut (plenty with lots of lead paint on them, though!). Instead, we think we're going to fill the hole itself with a backing of insulating foam, then a thin layer of sandable epoxy over the top to blend in with the existing trim. Kind of hinky, but cheap.

My hat is off to your hard work. I hate sanding, too.

Considering that it looks to have the dreaded battleship grey underneath, what are your plans for the Extremely Pink Door?

The door actually doesn't have the battleship paint on it, as far as I've seen (that's a sort of nasty light green that has been stained by later layers of paint and looks kind of greyish in the photo). Our plan is to take the door off, strip the hardware, and send it out to be dipped. That will be our trial run with the process, so we can see how well it works.

I almost hate to do it, though. The other doors in the upstairs hall will feel so dowdy.

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