Magnificent Magnolia

The magnolia is blooming. It's really an amazing tree in bloom: the flowers are about six inches tall which is pretty large even by magnolia standards. They smell divine, too.

Magnolia Jon-Jon in bloom

Jon-Jon is a Gresham hybrid, grows to about 25', and blooms late in the season. I can confirm only one of those facts through my own experience, as mine is still under five feet tall.

I have to admit I didn't know much about this tree when I chose it. I chose it because I wanted a mid-sized magnolia rather than a 50' brute, and also because Jon-Jon is what I used to call my younger brother when he was a kid. Kind of a silly reason to buy a tree, but I didn't have much else to go on when it came to magnolias.

I'm very happy with it right now.

Magnolia Jon-Jon bloom detail

Also, because I can't admire my own work enough, here's some before-and-after with the Fern Walk (still in progress):


Fern Walk February 10

And today:

Fern Walk March 4

Still plenty of work to do there, but not nearly as much as it seemed like it would be two weeks ago. Also, notice that somebody with a weird sense of humor has been throwing lemons around. There were two in there and three more in the roses. We have some very odd neighbors.

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posted by ayse on 03/05/08