Sinking the Tank

Today I had determined that I would get that stupid water tank in the ground no matter what. So with a little help from Noel I wrestled with it for a few minutes and determined I needed to get it a few inches lower to clear the structure of the future deck. We wrestled it back out of the hole again, and I dug another several inches of soil out of the hole, plus a little trench for the pumphouse connection.

Hole for the water tank

Getting the tank into the hole was actually pretty easy. It was doing that with the existing holes lined up properly that was a bit tricky.

Tank in the hole

And here's where the pump will attach to the tank (and above, where the sump pump will dump water into the tank). I need to figure out some way to make a little house in here for the pump to live in. I'm going back and forth between a little concrete bunker and a marine-grade plywood hut.

Pumphouse hole

We're pretty close now. I'm probably going to have to order some special connections for the final setup.

In preparation for irrigation season, I've been going through the garden testing the irrigation circuits and making repairs, removals (where a tree no longer needs supplemental water or where I removed/killed something), and extensions (for the new trees).

In other news, the ranunculus are starting to bloom. I forgot I had planted some of those under the Asian pears.

Ranunculus bloom

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posted by ayse on 03/07/08