Highway to Compost

This morning we cut the pathway out to the compost area. This was something I wanted last winter but Noel objected to on account of it went through his lawn, and you can take the boy out of the midwest but you better not touch his lawn, dammit.

Then we had a wet winter and it wasn't possible to cut the grass so going out to the compost turned out to be as wet and unpleasant as possible, and add to that dog poo lurking in the grass, and I got my path.

I marked it out last week, we mowed it very very short, and we tried it out for a few days.

Path marked on the lawn

This morning we got out the adze and Noel removed the sod for me.

Chomping awat at the sod

While he whacked the sod out of the ground, I carried it off to the compost, sorted rocks out of the remaining dirt (we ended up with about a gallon of gravel without really trying), and raked and stomped the loose dirt.

Forming a pathway

Here we are taking a bit of a break. Noel is lurking back there in the shade of the fence, with Rosie. Goldie, ever the California blonde, chose to sun herself right in the fresh dirt.

Dog in the path

When we'd worked ourselves to the end, Noel took a turn at raking.

Noel raking the path

There's still a lot of gravel in there, and I haven't yet finished making a paver design so we're not walking on bare dirt, but we have a new pathway.

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posted by ayse on 03/08/08

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