Plumbing in the Tank

I want to put in another good word about the fine folks at Plumbing Supply. Yesterday afternoon I ordered the three parts I needed to plumb the tank into the irrigation system, and they arrived today. That's right, they shipped almost immediately.

This is what I ordered: a stopcock, a 2" slip-to-thread connector, and a 2" to 1" reducing bushing.

Pieces in the mail

I glued the bushing into the connector to make a 1" slip joint coming out of the tank, and glued the stopcock to a piece of 1" PVC to be glued into that slip joint later. Then I spent forever trying to thread the stupid thing into the hole in the tank, until Noel came home and (rather obviously) lifted the tank out of the hole and screwed the connector in place from a more comfortable angle. I'm sure I would have thought of that eventually.

Inserted in tank

Tomorrow, more messing around with that stuff. But tonight, we have a date with the Accordion Room. I went over to Mark's Paints this afternoon to get a gallon of paint for the room.

Can of paint!

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posted by ayse on 03/20/08