Chicken Day

This morning we drove up north an hour to Sonoma to buy some chickens. This after spending a couple of days calling around to places to find the breeds we wanted, which was harder than it seemed like it ought to be.

And here they are, clockwise from the upper left: Carole (King), Liza (Minelli), Debbie (Reynolds), and Joan (Jett)

The girls, day one

I wanted to name them all "Chicken," but Noel felt they ought to have real names, and preferably on a theme (female singers, in this case).

Carole is a Buff Orpington, which is about the mellowest chicken you've ever met. And as soon as they were settled in the travel box and the heating pad I'd brought along was warming the floor, she settled down and fell asleep.

Sleepy baby Carole

I don't know if the human Carole King ever spent a lot of time socked out face-down on the floor, but it looks like this Carole will.


And here's her glamour shot when we got home, checking out the chicken habitat where they will spend the next few months.

Carole in the red light

Liza and Debbie are both Ameraucanas, and they are feisty. Debbie spent nearly the whole trip home squawking about something, which may have been that she was thirsty and hungry, because as soon as they found the water and food they were face-first in there, so no glam shots of those two. They're pretty easy to tell apart because Debbie is the noisier of the two, and also she has a dark spot on her head.

Liza face-first in the food)

And Joan, a Barred Plymouth Rock, is in between. Not quite as nearly-comatose as Carole, but not quite up to the energy levels of the Broadway Babes. She's also very curious, pecking at every new thing like the waterer, the side of the box, the thermometer.

Joan in the habitat

And now I'm going to go make them a little chicken gym with some nectarine branches, so they have places to hop and play.

(The chicken habitat has pine chip bedding in it, and a towel over the top of that for the first week or so, until the chicks get old enough to not stuff themselves with the pine bedding until they die.)

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posted by ayse on 03/29/08


Super cute! What are your plans for making sure the chickens get along with the dogs?

The current dog/chicken plan is to keep them apart except for supervised interaction (the chickens will have their own, fenced yard). I trust and love my dogs, but they are natural predators so I'm not going to push it.

But I did let them give the chicks a sniff, and they are very interested in the idea of chicken poo.

The girls are cute.

Absolutely adorable! They are so cute when they are little and fluffy.

Wow, you really did it!

Now what happens if you want to go out of town?

If we go out of town when they are little peeps, we get chicken sitters. When they're older they can go for a few days without us, but for longer trips we'll get somebody to come in and check on them (as we already do with the elderly cats).

I miss the little fuzzies! My chickens are now 5 weeks old and look like .. chickens. Just small ones. Enjoy the itty bitty phase. Yours look like a nice collection. We have an Easter Egger (aka mutt of an Ameraucauna), two Barred Rocks and one gold-laced wyandotte.

Oh, also we (er, I) stopped up the plumbing by washing the towels that went on top of the pine shavings. They had enough attached shavings that it was a Bad Thing. I thought I had shaken them off but not enough it seems.

Where are you brooding them in the house?

OMG they are so cute and I love that they have real names lol.

Oh, thanks for the note about the plumbing issue. I'll take extra care to get the shavings off.

We're brooding them in the basement, because that's the only place I could find that was both inaccessible to cats and temperature stable enough. I had them in the laundry room but the temperature kept swinging by twenty degrees; I couldn't get the brooder to stay at 95F for 24 hours.

I love the names! Too cute and too funny! Especially Joan Jett :-) Wonderful! Isn't funny how all animals have distinct personalities!? Will watch the blog for further updates! meo

Cuties! Fresh eggs... mmmm.

More photos of baby chickens, please! They're so fuzzy and cute, I just want to squeeze them.

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