The Life of a Chicken

So, we wondered, what ARE those chickens doing all day when we are not watching them?

Presenting: ChickenCam. Here's what they were doing yesterday:

They seem to spend a lot of time running back and forth in the box. And pooping. That's less than 24 hours starting with a new towel, and already it's all pooped up.

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posted by ayse on 04/01/08


I have been trying to convince my wife that we need to get some chickens. Is there any books or other resources you recommend before we take the plunge?

I like Chickens in Your Backyard for the urban chicken person. Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens is probably the better more general book, covering situations with far more room than we have.

My Pet Chicken has a nice getting started guide, and a good breed reference (though the best one is here). Backyard Chickens has decent information and a good message board, though some of those people are total chicken nuts.

But the thing that really swayed Noel, who was the holdout in our household, was going to visit a friend and her couple of chickens and seeing how they worked for her.

Too funny with the chicken cam, I think I need a cat cam. Find out what the cats are REALLY doing when we aren't home. I suspect a lot of mischief ;o)

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