Two Door Shed With Sunroof

Well, no roof at the moment, but let's work with it. Yesterday I borrowed Roomie John's truck and went over to Urban Ore to find some doors. Urban Ore is a reclaimed materials treasure trove, but it takes some sorting. That's because of scale: this is only part of one of the five rows of doors I sorted through to find my two doors (they are roughly sorted into categories, but there's a lot of variation in the categories).

Aisle full of doors at Urban Ore

I chose two doors: a fairly plain solid-core door for the coop, and a fake-country door with small window panes for the shed side. My main criteria was price, after fit, of course. The coop door had to be about the cheapest door that could handle the situation, while the shed door needed to have a window (for light and also for scale).

Here's the two doors: the chicken house door is pretty plain, although I admit I would have preferred a flat door. It has been busted up a little at the bottom, but not enough to be a detriment, and it is going to be a door for chickens, after all.

Chicken house door

And here's the door for the shed. I'm not keen on the stupid cross shape at the bottom as a decorative feature, but it'll do. I will be painting it a different colour, anyway. It also has this funky art glass set in it, except that one pane that was broken. Easily replaced, though.

Shed door

Here's the art glass. It's got a heavy texture to it, and this sort of glass has never been a fave of mine because it gets used as a foreground texture when it really behaves like a background texture. Anyway, the benefit of several small panes of glass is that you can replace them as they break. Very handy in a small shed where you might easily knock one of those panes out every few weeks with a shovel handle or pickaxe.

Glass in shed door

It was one MILLION degrees out yesterday, so not much happened other than obtaining the doors and leaning them up against the shed, and today looks to be another joyride of excessive heat, as well. We'll see how much actual work gets done under the circumstances.

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posted by ayse on 06/21/08