Behind Door #1

Noel and a neighbor took a field trip to Home Depot to get more siding this morning, but by the time they got back the heat was just unbearable. We sat around complaining then decided to go enjoy some air conditioning at a movie theater (it's been about forever since we went to a movie, much less a matinee, and it was very enjoyable to sit in a cooled room on a weekend day instead of slaving in the hot sun).

Around four, the coastal wind started kicking up and it cooled down to a more livable 80F, so we went out to do some work.

In short order we nailed up our last piece of siding, then Noel spent some time fitting the first door and getting it onto its hinges. I'd gotten two doors that were too tight for their openings, so we did have to cut the door down some by a quarter inch.

Chicken house with door and siding

But it did manage to fit in the end.

While Noel was doing that, I mowed the lawn then I went around the yard raising the sprinkler heads, which had settled down in the sand and no longer popped up far enough to get water across the lawn. The pump we have is a little underpowered for the sprinklers, as well -- I believe this is because it doesn't actually operate at its advertised power -- so I'm going to add a couple of sprinklers in the middle of the main lawn to eliminate the brown spot in the middle. I don't particularly mind a brown lawn, and if we were using city water for this it'd be curtains for the lawn this year, but if I am watering I want it to actually do something rather than just pour water into the ground.

We have the chicken-side door to put on tomorrow, and it also needs trimming by a quarter inch as well (I am nothing if not consistent in my ability to choose oversized doors). After that we will work on framing the roof, which should be a laugh riot. It'd be nice if we could get a few windows cut out, too, but roof is more important.

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posted by ayse on 06/21/08