Planting a Pineapple

No, not another one of our poetical and metaphorical titles, but just what it says. One of my coworkers went to Hawaii and brought back a pineapple to share with the office, and I got to bring home the crown to plant. I looked up instructions on the web and found this informative page.

First, I twisted the crown out of the chunk of fruit it was embedded in:

The crown, twisted out

Then I followed directions, trimming the base until I reached the root tips and stripping the base leaves off.

Trimmed and stripped

This is what the root tips looked like:

Root tips

I'll let it sit for a few days to harden up, then it will soak in water until roots form. And then we'll see how it grows.

As for the chicken house, we were utterly and completely defeated by a simple math problem and got remarkably little done today.

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posted by ayse on 06/22/08