Garden Report: November 15

It's autumn, a word I use deliberately. Because of our climate and the kinds of trees planted here, we don't get much in the way of leaf drop. Nonetheless, the fruit trees are starting to turn, and today I raked up a tiny pile of leaves from the nectarines.

Leaf pile

Given how few leaves we have, I hoard them. I also go get leaves from the big maple down the street (the owner is happy to let me take what I like), and from some of our neighbors. They all think I'm quite mad, but I need the leaves for my Compost Empire.

Turning leaves are not really what I think of as autumn in California. Of course, there is the autumn fruit and squashes, but this time of the year is what I call "greening." With the start of the rains (and heavy nighttime fogs), our hillsides wake up and start to turn from brown (summer) to green (winter). Likewise, the lawn has turned green practically overnight. We mowed today, for the first time in weeks.

Green lawn

In other old-house news, Noel dug a new dog poo pit today and found yet another trash pit. I'm sure plenty of other people with newer houses envy us the incessant glass-bottle bounty of our garden, but I have to admit that after a while the piles of broken glass and plate shards are a bit much.

Trash pit stuff

But just as I was thinking it was all boring in the garden today, I heard a whirring and looked up to see the Bay Area's new blimp tour scooting by.

Blimp in the sky

It moves very quickly, given that it is a blimp and all.

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posted by ayse on 11/15/08


Actually, it's a zeppelin. Unlike a blimp, which (like many politicians) is just a big air bag, zeppelins have a rigid frame inside. I saw it when I was at Home Depot in Emeryville the other day and blogged about it. You can take a ride on this one, if you've got some serious spare money to throw around.

I like calling it a blimp better, actually.

And I've been trying to think of a way to justify spending $1000 for a two-person trip on the thing ever since I heard about it. It's not as if I've never seen the Bay Area from the sky before, after all.

Yeah...but a zeppelin! :-)

I've seen the Bay Area from the air, but seeing it from lower and slower than a jet taking off from Oakland or SFO would be way cool. It's just the cost thing that's a problem...

blimp blimp blimp. You cannot convince me that "zeppelin" is a better word. blimp blimp. I could say that all night. "Zeppelin" also has to overcome the negative association with certain music of a certain era.

I'm not sure how it compares in cost, but a similar experience is available via general aviation. Some years ago, before we impoverished ourselves with this house, Noel took me on a couple of flights around the Bay Area in a weensy little plane. Nice view.

Hey! We were on your street today, circling East Ocean looking for parking, and we saw the blimp as we waited outside the restaurant for a table.

Nice day! Your yard looks great.

Thanks! It's kind of all out of control in the front, but the back is coming along. I just need to clone myself a couple times and I'll be OK.

I was sitting in my backyard on Saturday, on the Easternmost end of the island, when one of my dogs (the cranky one) took issue with the bl- uh, zeppelin. He would not stop growling at it.

And I had to agree that it was fairly imposing. It was very close to us, taking up a large part of the sky. But utterly silent. Ooooh, eerie!

I am trying to find ways to justify a ride.

Our dogs hardly seemed to notice it. Not surprising, because they are pretty dumb dogs, but I'm impressed that yours did.

It was kind of startling to look up and see it there.

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