And Now With Shelves

A quick run to the store, some trimming and banging around, and we now have seven full shelves on one wall. Still to install are shelves on the wall above the fridge, and of course all the little finishing bits.

Pantry with shelves

We spent a celebratory few minutes moving some stuff from around the kitchen and the other pantry onto the shelves here. Most of the upper shelves will be filled with kitchen things we have stored in the basement (party supplies, more seasonal equipment, and so on).

Stuff on shelves

It's just nice to have ample shelf space. Somehow over the years we have managed to fill the other pantry pretty full (even considering that we regained a bunch of space when John moved out). Perhaps that is somehow related to the fact that I discovered that I have four kinds of cocoa and five kinds of sugar (not including coloured decorative sugar) in my baking supplies. I guess it's time to do some baking and plow through some of that stuff.

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posted by ayse on 12/03/08