Second Coat

An arm-numbing day in the front parlour, and we have a second coat of mud on the walls. For the second coat, I like to thin down the all-purpose mud by a bit to improve working time and the smoothness. We ended up having to buy a second bucket of mud (so now I have two fancy new buckets), at the same time as we picked up some corner bead for the archway.

Second coat of mud

And it was just endless. Even with a break to make the run to the store, and another break to go out and invoke rain (by watering the tulips -- and it worked!), I felt like I spent the entire day going up and down the ladder.

Now it dries, and tomorrow we sand and do another very thin coat to even out all the funny divots and holes left behind while feathering out into the walls. One of the reasons for doing this ourselves is that we can go all out and try to get a perfectly level surface (which will not actually happen in a house this age, but we can get close). Most contractors would be happy enough to just leave it all bumpy and call it done.

So, one more coat, then as soon as it's dry we can prime. Then I have to find the perfect aqua blue that will make all of you send me e-mail asking if I've lost my mind. Because readers, I admit that the other day I noticed how close my colour chips were to the bright blue that the previous owners painted the trim in this room, and briefly -- only briefly -- contemplated what it would look like to have the whole room plus the large pocket doors all the same bright blue.

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posted by ayse on 03/21/09