In Which We Move the Piano, Again

Actually, we will shortly move both pianos and a virginals, to get things out of the hallway, but tonight we just moved the grand piano. But before I show you its new home, some details.

Today we did second coats on the walls and ceiling. While Aura paint does in fact cover very well, both second coats were absolutely necessary, and now both surfaces look awesome. While we were waiting for the ceiling to dry, we tackled the floor. It's got this yucky nasty gunge all over it from the carpet that the previous owners put down, and we spent quite some time wetting it and scraping it off as best we could. It doesn't all come up, but in the library we've noticed that over time the scraped-down gunge comes off on its own.

Yucky gunge to scrape off the floor

When we were thoroughly exhausted by the idea of scraping at the black stuff any more, the ceiling paint was dry and we could tape off for the pseudoplace.

We marked the points of the former fireplace by hanging a plumb bob from the ceiling to the marks on the floor from the old walls. Then Noel snapped off a few chalk lines.

Snapping off a chalk line

We put a single piece of masking tape (I like the purple kind intended for wallpaper, but you could also use the blue type intended for paint) along the chalk lines, and then taped masking paper over that. Masking paper is well worth the $1.50 for a 60 yd roll, just for the small amount of extra coverage it gives compared to even the widest masking tape.

Tape along the chalk line then put the paper barrier over that

Then we painted.

Painting the pseudoplace

I think it came out pretty well, although there are still some thin spots and I will put another coat on tomorrow.

All painted, but we think it needs another coat

But painting another coat on that small area doesn't mean we can't move things around, so in short order we opened the pocket doors and moved the piano to the bay window. Any piano lovers watching should know this is a northeast facing window, so direct sunlight is minimal.

Piano in the bay

We also moved a bookcase in from the dining room, and tomorrow we'll move in a bunch of other furniture and stuff from the dining room and hallway, in preparation for the big demolition. We might even take a look into the dining room ceiling to see what we're getting into this weekend.

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posted by ayse on 03/25/09