Fancy Paint

I ran out of pink paint partway through the ceiling, and went to Mark's for more paint. I decided to buy Aura, which I've been eyeing for a while. The low-VOC is nice, as is the fast dry time (one hour to recoat), but the thing that really sold me was the gap-filling qualities of the paint.

I'll do a more in-depth review of this paint later, but the summary is: yes, it is awesome paint. It dries very quickly. It still suffers from what I call the Curse of the Pink, which is a mysteriously large usage of pink paint compared to other colours.

For example, in 500 square feet of wall painting, we used less than half a gallon of the aqua wall paint. Yet 196 square feet of ceiling has completely exhausted two quarts of paint and will require another one. Pink is just like that.

Anyway, we do still need to do another coat on the walls, not because of bad coverage but because of somewhat sloppy technique. And I need to go buy more effing pink paint for the ceiling. And when that's all done I will be putting in our pseudo-fireplace. That's a stripe of darker paint right where the fireplace used to be. Not sure it will look great, but it was my idea for keeping up the pressure to replace the fireplace.

Walls painted with one coat

Then we clean the floors, and we can move stuff back in here. I'm looking forward to that. A day or two of rest between this and the Demolition Party would be a good thing.

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posted by ayse on 03/25/09