More Pink!

OK, so now we have a pink ceiling.

Pink Lace ceiling

For reference, this is just how un-pink the ceiling looks next to our trademark pink woodwork:

Ceiling with pink woodwork

I had to punch up the saturation there to get it to look anything but white. That is how pink our house is.

Off to buy more paint, because the guys at the paint store cannot get enough of me.

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posted by ayse on 03/24/09


That top photo looks lovely, almost ethereal in that light, especially with the swatches on the white wall like the (digs for name) Girdle of Venus around the horizon at sunset.

But I'm still surprised you're going for any pink at all, considering.

The thing about pink is that taken in moderation, it is a really flattering colour for most human skin tones. The fact that somebody went insane with Barbie Pink in our hallway does not negate that.

Also, after seven years of living with the bright pink, my tolerance for any pink at all has gone way up. I'm almost going to miss it when it's all turned white.

Wow, I like it. Now I wonder if I have enough guts to try something like that.

Is that the light fixture that you will use or do you have a vintage fixture?? Because with those tall doors I keep envisioning a wedding cake type chandelier. All those crystals would sparkle and shine on that soon to be lovely ceiling.

Great job so far picking colors.

For the light fixture, we can't afford to buy a nice one right now, but we're looking. We still have to have our ceiling medallions restored and put back in place, too, so we'd either need something compatible with that, or we'd avoid having a light in the center of the room at all. Since we have a lot of art to hang on the walls, we're already going to be doing some gallery light fixtures around the room, anyway.

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