Working Boy

Last night, I spent some serious time cleaning up from our various wallpaper stripping activities over the last week, and the hall was looking pretty nice. Then I went off to an all-day meeting this morning, and when I got home this evening it was to find this:

Debris pile on the stairs

And at the top of the stairs, I found Noel and the little steamer.

Noel, stripping

Yes, he spent the whole day stripping wallpaper, and made pretty good progress. The ceiling in the upstairs hall looks to be in good shape, too.

Here are some of the wallpapers we've uncovered: a little pattern of stars or stylized flowers on the ceiling...

Ceiling paper with little stars

and an extravagant green wallpaper (what we've been unable to capture is that the areas between the swooshes in this wallpaper are filled with gold dots, which suggests a level of gaudiness exceeded only by the deep red flocked ceiling paper that was in the front parlour):

Green wallpaper

So I guess I'm going to be doing more shoveling up of scraps of paper, and sweeping of corners. (I'll live.)

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posted by ayse on 04/04/09