While You Were Out

I went out to a class this afternoon, and when I came back I was half-cringing because of the incredible mess that greeted me on return yesterday. What could Noel have gotten done while I was out? How much more stripped wallpaper could fit into the hallway?

This was the real shocker: while I was out he suited up and removed the asbestos paper from the old heater area in the dining room. Granted, it's not actually that complicated a process, but I was building up a certain amount of "not again" over it.

Removed asbestos paper

The other thing he did was borrow this infrared paint stripper from our neighbor.

Infrared stripper

He tried it out on the door to the Accordion Room, and it worked perfectly! So now we will be stripping more woodwork, or rather, we will be stripping the same amount of woodwork, only faster.

Stripped Accordion Room door

By the time I got home, he was back up on the ladder stripping the last of the wallpaper from the hall ceiling.

I was only gone about three hours, but that was long enough, I guess.

Exhausted Noel

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posted by ayse on 04/05/09