Bye-Bye Dumpster

Yesterday it was time to say goodbye to our little dumpster. It was packed with old ceiling, fake wood paneling, some junk from some neighbors, and about fifteen trash can loads of stripped wallpaper.

The truck came and pulled it out of the driveway:

Lifting the dumpster onto the back of the truck

Often at a precarious angle:

Very steep angle for a full dumpster

Then they covered it to keep the contents inside during the drive:

Unrolling the cover

And off it went. We still have plenty of wallpaper and plaster to get rid of, but for the time being we're happy to have full use of the driveway again.

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posted by ayse on 04/08/09


Goodbye, fake wood paneling! Hellow, driveway! :)

Goodbye dumpster, good riddance, fake wood paneling.

Ayse - is that the little magnolia that lived in a pot for a year? if so, it's certainly made a comeback!
Isn't it great to get something like your very own driveway back again?

Actually, Carol, that's my neighbor's ornamental cherry tree. The magnolia is much smaller (and is done blooming for the year).

And having the driveway back is very gratifying. I think this is the fastest we've ever gotten a dumpster filled and gone, too.

I am glad that they were so accomadating as to make plenty of room for the cherry tree by driving right over your rose bushes.
so nice of them.

To be fair, they only drove right next to the roses. And I'd far rather that than have to explain tire marks on her lawn to the neighbor.

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