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I keep forgetting to post about the wonderful ceiling-demolition gifts we received. I didn't even know a demolition was a gift giving event (apparently I don't spend enough time in Hallmark stores: "On this momentous occasion... we wish you much happiness without that hideous fake wood paneling"), but not one but two of our crew came with a gift.

Gene brought us a lovely official drywall sanding sponge, so we can do wet sanding the right way (as opposed to just dry sanding and filling the house with white dust). Rosie agreed to model the sponge to show you how official it is: this is no random sponge pressed into service.

Drywall sponge

Now we have no excuse for using the sanding screens.

From Bob, we got this mysterious item:

Gift from Bob

Which unfurls to this:

FAIL tape

We put it to good use, showing which dog does a better job of being a dog model for blog posts:

FAIL tape in use

In other news, we are still stripping wallpaper, and Noel spent yesterday afternoon attacking a door, so our lives are a little less pink.

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posted by ayse on 04/12/09


Good dogs! Rosie [ed: Goldie] looks a little like she knows what her sash says and implies about her modeling skills. Or maybe she's just worried you'll move on to doggy clothing from there.

Let us all know how the drywall sponge works. I've only used a regular ol' sponge for wet sanding, so I'm curious how the deluxe model works.

Oops. Pre-caffeinated brain fart. Sorry pooches.

Yeah. Next time they see you they will be a bit more aloof. You know, maybe waiting half a second before wagging until they fall over.

Congratulations on the disappearing pink!

p.s. Your dogs are ADORABLE.

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