Stuff From Our Ceiling

There's a funny little gap in our attic that has resulted in an odd accumulation of junk in the ceilings under that attic: things stored there can easily roll through the crack and down into an unreachable space. So when we were taking down the dropped ceiling in the dining room, every piece of drywall that came down brought a shower of weird stuff.

Like this home permanent kit.

Lilt home permanent kit

A real bargain at only $2.42, and you know foam won't drip like creams will.

Only $2.42

Or the significantly older box from a jar of Vaseline.


In which purity means cleanliness, not homogeneity.

Vaseline ad copy

This little bottle of cold sore lotion appears to be one of the more recent finds, as it has a plastic top. Interesting that the stuff still seems to come in the same size and shape bottle.

Cold sore lotion

We've been spending out house-work time in the hallway, but the animals have been spending their time in the dining room, where there are enough sunbeams to go around (Noel noted the other day that you can tell where the sunbeams go because those parts of the floor are clear of dust).

Animals in the sun

They all sat up or began walking towards me when I came in the room, but seconds before this picture was taken we had three lumps of fur on the floor.

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posted by ayse on 04/14/09


Isn't that the truth! You see them looking super cute and approach stealthily with a camera, pretending not to be looking at them and they sit up or start walking over to you! Sillies.
Just found Rosie's baby pictures today. Loved 'em.

I'm glad that those items came from different eras, because the thought of someone using a home permanent kit, vaseline, and cold sore lotion simultaneously is frightening. Neat finds, anyway. Are you keeping the things that you unearth in your restoration, or are there just too many to hang on to? Might make for an interesting time capsule to leave in the house somewhere!

Bryan, we save some of the more interesting things, but mostly we photograph and then get rid of the weird stuff from the walls and ceilings. A time capsule is an interesting idea, though.

I wish my dogs were as nonchalant about cats.

Kathleen, they are nonchalant about their cat. Any cats outside the house are interlopers who must be barked at or chased away. But if they tried that with Ana, she would smack them. She helped raise Rosie, so that makes sense. But it took Goldie all of five minutes to figure out that you don't mess with the cat. She got that faster than she caught on to long runs of stairs.

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