More Mission Victoriana

I'm in the middle of a professional project right now, but wanted to point out that if you were interested in my tour of Victorian homes in the Mission earlier this month, there's a tour September 29 -- that's tomorrow -- from 3-5pm that will go inside the house that is being turned into a museum (dedicated to its late owner, the artist David Ireland). That's the Cultural Gems of the Mission tour, $15 for AIA members, $25 for anybody else.

One thing I'd be fascinated to see if I didn't have tomorrow afternoon booked is that Ireland gutted the house and did a waxy sort of antiqued finish on the walls. You could sort of see it through the windows, but the interior is supposed to be something special (erm, not if you're totally into historically accurate Victorian interiors, of course).

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posted by ayse on 09/28/09