Because We Know How to Party

We're going to be doing a bit more demolition, taking down the ratty ceiling in the dining room and putting up gyp board (all you plaster sentimentalists can die under your own collapsing ceilings when The Big One hits, thanks). Since so many people thoroughly enjoyed themselves tearing down the dropped ceiling, we thought we'd open it up again. Who doesn't love smashing plaster to bits?

We're doing a couple of weekends of work. The first day, October 24, we'll take down the plaster ceiling and some of the walls (but not all of them) and other odd bits of later construction that make that room not make much sense. This will be dirty, dusty work (we'll provide fancy pink hard hats, dust masks, and eye protection). We're going to be sorting out lath and plaster into separate piles in order to do some recycling, too, which makes it more fiddly than just demolition. Oh yeah, and that ceiling medallion the previous owners chopped up? It's got to come down in reasonable shape. As usual, there will be things for people of all abilities to do (such as helping with getting lunch together, or scooping debris into a bin for carting out, or the aforementioned sorting), but also as usual this is not a child-safe house.

The second day, November 7, we'll be putting up the drywall on the ceiling and any walls that need it. We've got a borrowed drywall hoist (thanks, Gene!), so we expect this to go fast and relatively easily. Drywall is super easy to deal with in larger groups, and the more experienced constructors can laugh at how we do total overkill on locating outlets.

The usual rules apply: we supply meals and drinks and you work as much as you want. We'll be starting both days around 9am, and going until we get done or wear out (around dark, usually). Once we stop working we'll basically be in party mode, though slightly less energetic than the parties of our youth. RSVPs are desired if at all possible, because they help us plan food/tools availability. If you don't have another way of contacting us, you can e-mail us at If you haven't been here before or need directions, let us know. (Well, we probably know if you haven't been here before.)


October 24, 9am-evening: take down plaster ceiling and some plaster/mixed media walls in the dining room
November 7, 9am-evening: put up drywall in place of removed plaster
RSVP for one or both

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posted by ayse on 10/04/09