Day of Rest

I thought about posting another exhaustive post about our foundation job, but instead, this morning we took ourselves over to Oakland to the East Bay SPCA and brought home this guy:

El Senor

He's already introduced himself to the household and established his position as #1 cat. We just need to find a good name for him; until we do we're calling him "El Senor."

(El Senor's stats: he's a large 9year old tom, fixed, green eyes. Hobbies include meowing and drooling. We think he'll fit right in.)

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posted by ayse on 04/16/10


A cutie, and just in time for Tux Day!

You could call him GL, short for Gato Loco. By definition it fits, because all cats are crazy (our two included and especially :-)

Oh, love a Tuxedo Kitty! Patches? My grandmother named her gray cat "Red", just because he wasn't red. How about Blue?

What a magnificent cutie!

Oooh, what a bewtimous tuxie kitteh! I love the harlequin face on that boy.

Oh I love El Senor, how cute!! WTG on getting an older kitty.

Aw, sweet. And good on you for adopting a mature fellow.

How about Tilde?

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