Before and After

It was finally sunny and dry enough on a weekend day for me to mow the back forty.

Lawn before

The grass had gotten a bit tall back there, what with all this rain we've been having. I had to use the gas mower, which I can't even start, much less handle easily (the mower appears to be sized to work well for a person around six feet tall, which I am not), and even that kept stalling out on the very tall grass.

But eventually I got it all mowed. It's still a little tall (we keep the gas mower at its highest setting because the only time we use it is when the grass has gotten out of control), but I figured mowing off eight inches of height was enough for one weekend.

Lawn after

The lawn is a bit of a swamp, though. We diverted the sump water to drain onto the street while I mowed because otherwise the system would have turned the sprinklers on every twenty minutes to keep the tank from overflowing. And the grass was actually still wet when I mowed which is supposed to be a no-no, but everybody seems to have survived the experience. I even overseeded some bare patches and sprayed Roundup on the Bermuda grass (I'm thinking I need to do that monthly if it's going to make much of a difference; seasonally is just barely keeping it in check).

While I was doing all that yard work, Noel repaired the bum pressure regulator on our little grill, and we had delicious grilled goat loin from Marin Sun Farms for dinner last night. Now to get those deck plans drawn up so we can submit them to the city and get moving on being able to use our back door again.

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posted by ayse on 04/18/10