More Roof Fun

We suddenly got a weird and mysterious leak in the roof with the last set of storms -- a sudden cascade of water seemingly unconnected to the rain. Though of course it had to be the rain, unless somebody broke into the house and added plumbing in the upstairs bathroom. (Which has none. Long story.)

So today Noel got out the trusty can of Henry 204 and headed back up on the roof.

Noel on the roof

There was one sort of iffy vertical joint where we'd seen seeping during the rain -- he gooped that and added some more flashing. And he also gooped the porch roof, which we'd left undone before on the theory that it wasn't over living space. But we suspect there is a leak in the roof plus significant rotting which is directing water indoors near the side door.

Gooped seam on the porch roof

The old sealant was clean enough that the job went pretty quickly; there was no need to scrape quite as much junk out of the way before blobbing the sealant on. And I'm definitely looking forward to rebuilding the side porch.

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posted by ayse on 04/18/10